Souping For Weight Loss: All You Need To Know About The Hottest Soup-Only Diet!

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Souping might be the new juicing! As more and more people realize that juicing fruits and vegetables can derive them of fiber and essential nutrients in fresh produce, the popularity of the juice diet might be somewhat waning. But another diet trend- that of only having soups throughout the day, is on the rise. The central idea behind both the diets is the same- replacing usual meals with more liquid-based meals, but the soup diet is better equipped to deliver essential nutrients to the body.

The soup cleanse is catching up around the world with many people raving on about the ‘quick’ weight loss fix. There are a lot of ways to eat soups- with noodles, boneless chicken pieces, with vegetables, etc. It’s one of the best dishes to cope with the dreary winter chill.

Benefits Of Souping Versus Juicing

People have realized that souping is healthier than juicing as soups are not only easily digestible, but are also nutritious and help stabilize blood sugar levels to a great extent. Soups can be prepared to give your body a sustained energy boost through fiber-rich vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. Moreover, fruit juices tend to be high in sugars, which can give you an initial energy boost, but your levels can crash as easily, making you feel drained and tired.

Does Soup Diet Work?

The water content in your soup is what makes it so filling. Studies have shown that soups promote more satiety per calorie than any other dry dish, and it does all of this in just around 300 calories! So even though salads are said to be healthy, soups are able to trump them because they simply take up more space in the stomach, turning your hunger pangs off. Soups encourage a cycle of healthy eating and are a great way to cut down on refined grains in breads and other foods.

How To Join In The ‘Souping’ Trend

The main thing you need to keep in mind while practicing a soup diet is to make sure your soup is filling and is able to keep hunger pangs at bay. Soups are versatile, so you can add everything that is nutritional and nice to it, along with some fat cutting spices like black pepper, cinnamon, paprika, etc. Throw in some whole grain pastas or noodles to add to your soup’s satiety factor. Keep away from croutons, as they’re fried and hence, fattening.


All in all, souping is one hot trend that might help you reduce all those extra kilos. However, it’s advisable to first consult your respective dietitian or physician before starting on any diet.