Guess what your favourite dessert says about your personality

1. Which dessert matches your personality?

Which dessert matches your personality?

Well, you are indeed what you eat. Till date, you might have read this old saying as a quote in novels and books, but today we are going to tell you that how the saying actually fits not just with your physical traits, but with your psychological and mental traits too. All the dessert lover out there, here we have got some popular desserts and what they say about your personality. From classic cheesecake to mighty macron, every popular dessert has some sort of a relation to the way you think and act. Are you ready to explore how far you relate to them?

2. Cheesecake


Your love for cheesecake makes it sure that you love a bit of cheesiness, but it also makes it clear that you are an extremist when it comes to taste and flavour and the same outlook applies to other walks of life too. Also, it reflects that you are stubbornly loyal to things and people in life.

3. Waffle


You are welcoming and broadminded and that’s the reason you have no issues embracing newer inventions, even in terms of food. The way new ingredients enhance the taste of waffle, new situations make your life meaningful and exciting.

4. Rasgulla


You like simple things in life. For you happiness in not in glittery and flamboyant things, but in the simple little things that life offers. You do not expect much from life and feel happy in whatever you get.

5. Macarons

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People hate you or love you, you just don’t care. For you, life is luxury and expensive, just like these expensive bite-size delights and you love to dress in haute couture like the lovely macarons embellished with colours.

6. Lemon tart

Lemon tart

Just like the taste of tart, your personality is peculiar. Your preference for sourness also implies your ability to take hardships. You are headstrong and can turn the table around to achieve anything in life.

7. Lava cake

Lava cake

The excitement of seeing a generous amount of chocolate oozing out of the lava cake defines your mentality of desire to discover more in terms of life and food. You know that chaos is inevitable in life but the real taste lies in between that. You are spontaneous in terms of taking decisions in life but you are soft-hearted too.

8. Pancake


You are fuss-free, wise and straightforward. You believe that life is meant to be lived without any fanfare and that’s the reason you love the nourishing pancake.

9. Jalebi


You are not perturbed by the complications life offers and happily take it in your stride. Just like you ignore the shape of the jalebi to enjoy its juiciness.

10. Ice cream

Ice cream

You value everyone in your circle and are no less than an enthusiastic social butterfly. Your friends are your strength and you love the concept of being spoilt for choice and ice-cream is your ideal comfort food. You have a fear of missing out on things and people in life.

11. Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt

You are the most fashionable person when it comes to trends. Also, for your friends, you are the go-to person for lifestyle and fashion advice. As compared to other heavy desserts, yogurt is sinfully classy and light, that’s the reason you love it most.