Shocking! This Chinese chef is selling our desi ‘Bhatura’ as ‘Scallion Bubble Pancakes’

1. Bhatura or Scallion Bubble Pancakes?

Bhatura or Scallion Bubble Pancakes?

How will you feel if one day you visit a restaurant in some foreign land and find your humble Khichri being served as Spiced Rice and Lentil Porridge with Sauteed Veggies or your Rajma Chawla being presented as another exotic dish with a fancy name! The same happened when this moderately famous chef from US started selling bhaturas but called them Scallion Bubble Pancake. Many of us are feeling çheated’ as the chef Peter Chan is selling this dish as his own innovation, unlike us who dedicate a whole section to Chinese dishes in our restaurant menus. And we are so ‘honest’ that anything which has tomato ketchup and chilli and soya sauce is considered a Chinese dish here! Jokes apart, the bhatura made by this Chinese chef in USA has stirred up quite a controversy online.

2. The controversy

The controversy

All thanks to social media, the world recently got to know the new art of copying, when Peter Chang at his restaurant, Q, in Maryland, USA turned our desi comfort food Bhatura into a fancy foreign dish and claimed the credit, naming ‘Scallion Bubble Pancake’ . And we are truly shocked to know this. This came under the spotlight when a popular food website shared the video showing the said pancakes being prepared and categorized as a perfect dim sum starter.

3. The trend of copying

The trend of copying

Once the video was shared on Facebook, people noticed it and took to social media as a tool to share their reactions. Well, this is not for the first time this has happened. Earlier also, the foreign chefs have copied our desi dishes and renamed them as exotic foreign dishes.

4. Verdict

These instances are surely an alarming sign that we Indians need to celebrate what belongs to us. All this happens when you start neglecting and disrespecting what you are blessed with. Though the video has been temporarily removed from the social media pages, this is not the solution. We hope this troll will push us to celebrate Indian food in a better manner so that others will think before copying us next time.