Two years of NordVPN premium protection – for less than $1.50 a month


Deals on virtual private network (VPN) service are everywhere. When choosing which company to trust with protecting all your valuable online activity and information, two factors should reign supreme: access to fast, reliable, secure connections and getting the best possible price.

Judged by that criteria, you might not do better than NordVPN, which is now offering a two-year subscription in our TechnoBuffalo Deals Store for just $39. Seldom will you find a service that not only earns a PCMag Editors’ Choice seal of approval for its performance – and ALSO runs you less than $1.50 a month.

A subscription to NordVPN gives you all the basic online protection you’re looking for against cyber-thieves, cyber-snoops, cyber-authorities and cyber-troublemakers: information tunnels sporting SSL-based 2048-bit double encryption, 100% protection on even public Wi-Fi hotspots and the ability to circumvent those pesky geo-linked content restrictions.

NordVPN’s level of service comes backed by one of the larger server networks touted by any VPN provider, including more than 450 servers hosted in 33 different countries to assure you unlimited, fast and protected web access.

While scoring points for how it handles the basics on up to six devices, PCMag says NordVPN’s true superpower is how it “provides advanced users with enough features and options to set it apart from the rest of the crowd.”

Like a Kill Switch feature to automatically shut down browsing or downloading if your VPN connection drops. Or the flexibility to choose a connection server for your specific online needs. Or an advanced DNS leak feature that helps further randomize your computer’s processes to better safeguard your anonymity.

For your one-time $39 price (a 59% discount off standard subscription rates), you’ll get a full two years of protection without worrying about monthly fees at a price that literally could get much cheaper.