Cut your hair! Shortcut, NYC’s on-demand barber app, got a big update

Live or work in Manhattan and need a haircut ASAP? I’ve been in your shoes, and accidentally ended up with a $10 buzzcut in a pinch. Don’t be me, check out Shortcut. It was first launched in 2014 and just got a big update with plenty of new features.

Users in Manhattan can now choose a specific hairstyle preference and match users up with a barber who’s better at that sort of cut. Want a bowl cut? Boom, perfect, hit up Carl. Need something more traditional? That’s Joanne’s specialty. Just pick your barber and, as soon as possible, they’ll show up at your door ready to cut those locks of yours.

Dig the fade? Save a favorite barber to your profile for quick appointments next time. And speaking of appointments, you can make those too, now, up to a week in advance.

Other new features include mobile payments, ratings, a new rewards program and more. You’ll pay for the cut, at least $45 for clippers-only and $65 for a regular haircut, but those prices aren’t actually all that bad for Manhattan.