Pickle Bacon Grilled Cheese Is An Instant Classic

There’s pretty much nothing more versatile than a grilled cheese. You can throw pretty much any savory ingredient in between two melty, cheesy slices of bread and you’ve got a winner. Trust us, we’ve done it many times. (Hi mac ‘n cheese grilled cheese!)

Pickle Bacon Grilled Cheese Horizontal

Of all the ways to stuff a grilled cheese, bacon is one of the most classic. It takes the sandwich to a whole new level of salty, meaty goodness. But bacon + cheese + buttered (or mayo-d) bread = grease on grease on grease. This means sometimes the sammies feel a little one-note, in need of another element to cut through the fatty flavors. Something crunchy and juicy. Something … green.

Yep! Add it to the list. Dill pickles save the day once again! Their fresh crunch brightens up a grilled cheese like no other ingredient can! Layer them alongside your bacon and get to fryin’. We like dills for their savory bite but the sweetness of bread and butter would be a great contrast to the saltiness of the bacon.

Pickle Bacon Grilled Cheese Horizontal 2

This hack doesn’t just extend to a bacon grilled cheese. Upon review, I don’t think there’s any melted sandwich that couldn’t be improved by pickles. Ham and cheese melt? Definitely. Tator tot grilled cheese? Absolutely. Tuna melt? Well, if you’re one of the chosen weirdos that likes hot tuna (myself included) then yep!