Kim Kardashian’s controversial new beauty line has arrived

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Just when you think that contouring is dead and buried as the beauty world welcomes softer, more natural makeup, Kim Kardashian is digging it up again.

The reality star’s first makeup line, KKW Beauty, launched Wednesday at 12 p.m. EST with a $48 Crème Contour & Highlight Kit. The package comes in four shades of varying darkness and includes a dual-ended contour stick, a dual-ended highlight stick and a dual-ended kabuki brush/sponge. The products are meant to help users sculpt Kardashian’s signature high cheekbones and slim nose. Not included: access to the Kardashian family’s favorite plastic surgeon.

“I wanted to introduce my beauty line, KKW Beauty, with a product that is really the basis around which my whole look is created, my signature product, a crème contour and highlight kit,” Kardashian said in the accompanying press release. “I wanted to make a product that every woman can use; something for all skin tones and a kit that is versatile and that will instantly become a staple in everyone’s makeup routines.”

The shade Mrs. Kanye West might choose for herself is up for discussion — last week, Kardashian was accused of darkening her skin in a photo to promote the beauty line. She brushed off the suggestions that the shot was a form of blackface, telling the New York Times that she was just “really tan” when the photo was taken, and that “it might be that the contrast was off.”

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Still, the kits are expected to sell out immediately, as do half-sister Kylie Jenner’s line of lip and eye products. Sources predicted the 300,000 kits would be gone within five minutes, racking up $14.4 million in sales.

Don’t fret if you can’t get your hands on one: Kardashian says the kit will be part of her permanent collection, and that much more is in the works. “I can’t wait to reveal all the products I have coming up,” she said.