Hollyoaks spoilers: There’s a shocking diagnosis ahead for Mac Nightingale

Hollyoaks lines up a shocking diagnosis for Mac

Mac Nightingale’s life is about to be turned upside down when he visits a doctor following his recent erratic behaviour and health worries in Hollyoaks – but little does he know that his diagnosis is all part of Marnie and James’ revenge plan over Nathan’s death. 

Unaware that Marnie has switched his sleeping tablets for caffeine pills, Mac has been on edge and has been left terrified by his own state of mind. As he passes out on the settee, completely exhausted, Marnie is smug to see her plot against him taking shape and before long, she is taking things to the next level.

She arranges for Dr Monroe to meet with Mac and Mac is left broken when he is given a diagnosis but Marnie and James are actually blackmailing the doctor, meaning that what he tells Mac is actually false.

Hollyoaks lines up a shocking diagnosis for Mac
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Left terrified by what he has been told, Mac decides to take control of his life while he still can – and makes a big decision.

Is there victory ahead for Marnie or is this where her revenge will start to fall apart?

One to watch: Tuesday 18th April at 7pm on E4.