Here’s why white chocolate is different from brown chocolate

1. The origin

The origin

Think of a low day at work and then the magic that one bite of dark chocolate that transformed your mood! Actually, the joy that we experience after having chocolate is real and science has proved it time and again. As we tried to trace the origin of this magical therapy, we got to know that chocolate was first introduced in the global market in Europe in the year 1550. And before that, it was restricted to the natives of Mexico and parts of Central and South America. Thanks to chefs and chocolate experts, today we are blessed with enough varieties ranging from dark, brown and white. But, the question is, what’s the difference between them? Are they all the same? Let’s solve the puzzle.

2. What is white chocolate?

What is white chocolate?
Made of cocoa butter, sugar and milk (or milk solids), white chocolate is an ultimate dessert delight that is often not categorized as chocolate because of the absence of chocolate liquor, cocoa powder or solids in it. According to food experts, to qualify as ‘chocolate’, it needs to have the richness of cocoa solids.

3. What is brown chocolate?

What is brown chocolate?
According to reports, chocolates get the brown hue due to the density of cocoa solid contents. This density further divides the brown chocolate into two types: milk and dark.

4. What is milk chocolate?

What is milk chocolate?
If we go by the name, milk chocolate is made of milk, milk powder or condensed milk. Also, the presence of cocoa solids gives it the brown hue and makes it fall into the category of ‘chocolate’, unlike white chocolate. Sunil Baweja, an independent pastry chef, says, “In milk chocolate, the proportion of cocoa solids is approx 25-30%, while the ratio of chocolate liquor and milk is between 10-20%. Also, flavours like vanilla and strawberry are added to make it more alluring.” The first mentioning of milk chocolate happened in mid-1880, when Germany innovated the first milk chocolate drink.

5. What is dark chocolate?

What is dark chocolate?
Dark chocolate is nothing but the brown chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa powder solids and cocoa butter. Sunil adds, “In dark chocolate, the percentage of cocoa solids range between 25-85%. Higher the percentage of cocoa, darker the chocolate will be with a chalky texture and lesser sugar content”.

6. Health benefits

Health benefits
Whatever be the procedure and elements involved, we just wish that the chocolates (white & brown) should continue to delight us forever. After all, they are the biggest stress busters we could ever have. Even studies have proved that eating one average-sized dark chocolate candy bar each day for two weeks reduces levels of stress hormone ‘cortisol’ as well as the ‘fight-or-flight’ hormones known as catecholamines in highly stressed people.

7. Verdict

Chocolate makes everything better. Take a bite and you will feel the difference. But don’t overindulge. Too much of anything is bad! Have a great day!