What makes paneer or cottage cheese a powerhouse of nutrients

1. The magical paneer!

The magical paneer!

Are you a vegetarian, who craves for something good like paneer or cottage cheese? Then stop for a while, because after reading this piece of information you will start loving it even more. The ever-so-versatile paneer is not just a powerhouse of protein, but also an effective means of losing weight. Don’t you believe? Scroll through the page to know the reality and we believe that you will start adding these little white cubes to your salads, gravies or even sandwiches to make the living healthy and colourful.

2. Keeps the heart healthy

Keeps the heart healthy
Potassium is known for controlling the fluid balance of the body. High potassium component controls the sodium levels in the blood and thus lowers blood pressure and the contraction of blood vessels.

3. Maintains blood sugar levels

Maintains blood sugar levels
The high protein component along with magnesium slowdowns the release of sugar in the blood and prevents hike and decline in the blood sugar levels.

4. High in protein

High in protein
Paneer is often called as a powerhouse of protein, and if we go by the experts, it carries almost all essential minerals like calcium and magnesium that are necessary for the healthy well-being of an individual. According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 100 grams of paneer contains 11-15 gms of protein, which is sufficient for a human body if consumed on a daily basis.

5. Strengthen bones and gums

Strengthen bones and gums
According to nutritionists, paneer as a rich source of calcium can fulfill up to 20% of the daily recommended nutrition value for a normal adult human body. Regular consumption of paneer ensures healthy bones, gums and teeth.

6. Helpful in digestion

Helpful in digestion
Rich in phosphorous and magnesium, paneer helps in easy digestion and excretion. According to a study, magnesium prevents constipation, due to its laxative properties, which further keeps the gut relaxed.

7. High in folate

High in folate
If you think dark green vegetables and beans are the only sources of the folate-a B-complex vitamin, then you need to look at the nutrient-rich paneer! As a rich source of folate, it is recommended to expecting mothers, as it helps in the normal development of the fetus. Also, it balances the production of red blood cells during the pregnancy.

8. Effective in weight loss

Effective in weight loss
Apart from being rich in protein, paneer is also high in conjugated linoleic acid. According to health experts, this fatty acid helps in increasing the fat burning process in the body and thus results in easy and effective weight loss.

9. Prevents breast cancer

Prevents breast cancer
According to reports, the high amount of calcium and vitamin D reduces the risk of breast cancer, which mostly occurs in pre-menopausal women.