7 simple and easy tips to keep the chicken moist in your recipes

1. The art of cooking

The art of cooking

Cooking is an art and to be a skilled artisan you need to know the tricks and tips right to fill the canvas called plate with colours in form of flavourful and tender dishes. Today, we are going to share some simple and easy tips to play with chicken correctly so that when you cook the pieces or the breast, they turn out to be moist and flavoursome. Check this out.

2. By marination

By marination
Marinating chicken before cooking in any form is necessary. It not only helps the chicken to soak all moisture but also helps maintain liquid content while cooking, which makes the final dish tender.

3. By pounding

By pounding
In pounding, you beat the chicken pieces to flatten them. This process is advisable when the chicken has to be used for grilling, frying or roasting. It helps break down fibers and allows faster cooking and also retains moisture.

4. By brining

By brining
Brining is somewhat similar to marination. It is a process where you soak chicken in salt water solution with a pinch of sugar. Try to keep the period of brining longer, so as to keep the chicken moist while cooking.

5. By using correct cooking pot

By using correct cooking pot
According to cooking experts, the shape of the cooking pot and metal used plays a crucial role here. For instance, deeper pots keep the moisture intact inside, whereas, in shallow ones, the moisture is lost easily.

6. By avoiding overcooking

By avoiding overcooking
If you aren’t aware of the right temperature of cooking chicken, the best tip is to invest in a kitchen thermometer. This will help you avoid overcooking of chicken.

7. By foiling

By foiling
While baking in a pit or grill you should cover your chicken with a foil paper. Many people use leaves of different types like banana leaf. And if you are cooking in a pan, cover it to retain moisture.

8. By cooking at room temperature

By cooking at room temperature
Never ever cook frozen chicken directly; it may result in dry and flavourless final dish. Always let the chicken rest for about 30 -60 minutes at room temperature and then start processing it.