Google introduces cool new weather experience for Android


Google’s weather experience is pretty basic, providing a five-day forecast for a given location. Click on a day, and you’ll get more detailed information like precipitation, humidity, and wind speed. It’s about as barebones as they come, and pales in comparison to alternatives such as Weather Timeline. That’s changing, however, thanks to a fresh new update to the Google app.

The search giant on Thursday began rolling out a new experience that provides a ton of new information, including hourly sky conditions, chance of rain, severe weather alerts, air quality, UV index, sunrise and sunset times and more. Not only does the experience provide deeper insight, but it does so in a beautiful way, using cute drawings and Material design to display the information.

It’s amazing what a difference such a simple update can make—and odd it took this long for Google’s weather information to actually be useful. With a heavy storm set to make landfall on the East Coast this weekend, this update will certainly come in handy. The new version is available for the Android Google app, with no word on whether it’ll make its way to iOS.