NetSpot Pro helps you fix Wi-Fi dead zones – 87% off


By building a heatmap of Wi-Fi signal strength, NetSpot Pro for Mac helps you get rid of dead zones and manage multiple networks. Usually priced at $149, you can currently grab the app for $18.49 via TechnoBuffalo Deals.

With the app installed on your Apple laptop, you simply walk around your house or place of work, and NetSpot automatically starts to log signal strength. You end up with a complete map, which is perfect for showing you where all the dead zones are, and how you might move your router to improve your connection. You can also check out other local access points — ordered by name, manufacturer, channel, etc. — that might be causing interference, and change the settings on your router accordingly. All the data that NetSpot collects can be outputted in customizable reports, including upload and download speeds, which you can measure through the app.

The current deal wipes 87% off the regular price, with free minor updates included.