Google Calendar Integrated With Apple Health and Google Fit for Your Fitness Goals

Google Calendar Integrated With Apple Health and Google Fit for Your Fitness GoalsHIGHLIGHTS
Earlier, users had to mark activities as ‘Done’ manually
Google introduces Goals API to its fitness app last year
The update is already available on App Store
Google has updated its calendar app’s Goals feature to allow integration with Google Fit and Apple Health applications to help people stay on track with their New Year resolutions. With this integration in place, the activities recorded by your Android phone or iPhone will be used to mark users’ goals as ‘Done’ automatically by Google Calendar app.

The search giant introduced the Goals feature last year to its Calendar app with the aim of helping people find time for their desired activities. However, before this update, users were required to manually mark their goals as done every time they completed an activity. With the latest update, that has now changed.

Further, “With this integration, future goal times will be even more tailored based on when you’re most likely to complete them,” Google said in its blog post.
In case you have set a goal to go for a run every day at 6:30 in the morning but are not able to do it till 7:00, the Calendar app with adjust accordingly and “help you find the best time” for your activities, Google said. Even though the update has already popped up at the App Store, the Android update is expected to roll out soon as well.

Google introduced the Goals API to the Google Fit app on Android back in October last year to enable it to read goals set by the user.

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