Fitness first: Priti Rathi Gupta relies on yoga for flexibility; calls kickboxing a fun workout

Priti RathiBody
“I’m an outdoors person who gets bored very easily so I try to do a lot of exercises outside — running, walking, yoga, swimming etc. Thrice a week, I do yoga for about an hour 15 minutes. It’s very strenuous and focused on strength, stability, flexibility. On the other four days, I do a mini 20-minute yoga session to calm my mind and just breathe. Recently, I’ve also added strength training to my routine because I’ve been told I have to do strength training (laughs). For fun, I love to kick box. My gym has a setup and there are a lot of days when I find it therapeutic. I’m a foodie so I try to balance my meals. I enjoy experimenting with different cuisines when I’m outside and then on days when I’m home I have simple food. I try to include some nuts — walnuts, almonds — or superfoods like chia seeds etc, but it’s not a must.”

“One routine I try and stick to every day is to walk for 40 minutes in the evening with my music plugged in. I’m a trained classical singer so I listen to a lot of Hindustani music, a lot of film music and even some English pop songs that my kids recommend. It helps me de-stress. With my music on Shuffle, I reflect on my day and plan for the next one. It’s worked beautifully for me for years. On days when I feel dejected or low on energy, I remind myself not to have a zero-error mindset and to look for the learning instead. I found a perfect way to pep yourself up is to sit with friends and to put aside everything that’s bothering you for a little while. Anything that puts your life in perspective is very helpful.”

“I’m a spiritual person, not religious. For me, spirituality is going out of your way to bring someone happiness. It’s something I Iearned from my Mum. She used to say it doesn’t matter if you don’t go to a place of worship or chant as long as, consciously every minute, you’re making sure that you’re not hurting anybody and making an effort to help whoever you can. She would tell me, at the end of every day, think about five people you brought happiness to today and was there anybody you hurt. It’s not something that I follow regularly but most days I do.”