Fitness first: 56% Bengalureans rely on yoga for better health, 63% prefer running

yogaIndia is getting fitter. Over 2,200 men and women, between the age group of 18 and 35 years, were surveyed by a leading sports brand across the top nine cities — Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. And the results show that Indians are now not only experimenting with their fitness regimen, but also keeping a close tab on their nutrition intake.

Ninety five per cent respondents take part in at least one fitness activity — running, jogging or walking. Kolkata scores the highest in terms of activities participated in, frequency of working out and nutritional awareness, followed by Delhi-NCR, then Mumbai.

Bengaluru emerged sixth on the list. Over half the respondents (53 per cent) have confirmed that they have at least five activities in their regimen. The top choices being:

Walking – 84%
Yoga – 56%
Jogging – 64%
Running – 63%
Gym training – 53%

International Yoga Day: Asanas For Women To Stay Youthful, Happy And Healthy


For A Healthy You!

21 Jun, 2018

As women venture into new terrains, also performing duties in their traditional mould, striking a balance is important to stay healthy. Yoga can help them in a big way to achieve this. Akshar Nath, Chairman of Akshar Yoga, shares a few dynamic asanas for maintaining a youthful, happy and a healthy body for women across all ages. NOTE: While every woman irrespective of her age can perform all these asanas, women with fluctuating blood pressure or those under medical surveillance are not advised to do these. Also read: Pranayama – use the power of your breath to stay healthy

Around 40% respondents take part in at least one of the strength work-out activities i.e. pilates, aerobics, crossfit, kickboxing, zumba and combat-training.

9/10 people practice yoga, with “better health and fitness” emerging as an underling motivation. For 2/3rd of the respondents, achieving better flexibility and reducing stress are the second-most important motivating factors to take up yoga.