Drink Spinach Juice And Give A Boost To Your Metabolism

Drink Spinach Juice And Give A Boost To Your Metabolism

Are you looking to lose weight? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. While on a weight loss journey, we often tend to follow various fad diets that promise to bring quick results. However, what we fail to realise is that these diets may work initially, but in the longer run they wouldn’t be sustainable. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, it is imperative to load up on a healthy and balanced diet and make sure that your body’s metabolism is up and running. When it comes to losing weight, metabolism can make or break the deal. A sluggish metabolism can hamper your weight loss efforts to a great extent. So, to boost your metabolism, bring spinach juice to your rescue.

Spinach is a powerhouse of nutrients. Not only is it power-packed with health benefiting properties, but can also keep a host of health conditions at bay. Rich in vitamin B content, this green leafy vegetable may help boost metabolism naturally, as it comes loaded with iron, which further helps in carrying the oxygen that our muscles need to burn fat. This iron-rich veggie can be consumed fresh, whole or cooked; however, you may consume it in the form of juice to boost your metabolism. You can easily make spinach juice in the comforts of your kitchen.

All you would need is a fresh bundle of spinach. However, before you start anything, don’t forget to clean the spinach leaves thoroughly. Chop the spinach leaves and put them in a blender. You can add in some ginger juliennes and celery stalks to enhance the taste and nutritional value of the[“source=ndtv”]ajuice. Squeeze a bit of lemon in the blender and blend all the ingredients well. Once this is done, strain the juice and drink it.

You can consume this drink all through winter season as spinach is available throughout the season. So give your metabolism a much-needed boost by bringing spinach juice to your rescue.