Orphans face losing family home after deaths of mum, dad and brother in nine months

Siblings who lost their parents and brother in the space of just nine months now face losing their home.

Orphans Robert, Rebecca and Stephen Leech have been in a constant state of grief and feel like their family is cursed.

Now the family, who all live together in their childhood home in Bootle, Merseyside, might lose the house as they are being threatened with court action.

Rob said: “It’s been soul destroying, we’ve gone through so much as my mum used to say if we didn’t get bad luck, we’d have no luck. It’s like we’re cursed.”

While trying to cope with the heartbreaking deaths of their loved ones, the tight-knit siblings have also been struggling through their own health battles, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Rebecca was days from death when she was diagnosed with anorexia and eldest brother Rob needed a liver transplant at the same time his brother was dying in a hospice.

Diane Leech on her wedding day (Image: James Maloney/Liverpool Echo)