Advantages Of Using Technology In The Classroom

Technology is becoming an integral part of our everyday life. It has become a part of everything we do, including how we teach and learn. In this 21st century, using technology in the classroom is becoming more and more predominant. Educational applications and mobile phones are replacing textbooks and students can now learn just about anything with just one click. They can also get study materials and notes for various competitive exams with the help of different educational apps. For example, students preparing for medical entrance exams can get NEET preparation books and NEET question papers from various library apps in the app market. The impact of technology on today’s classroom has been quite significant. Some advantages of using technology in the classroom are given in the points mentioned below.


The future is all about technology and education can’t lag behind. Technological skills are essential if a student wants to be successful in the 21st century. A study shows that using technology in schools and classrooms will help prepare students for the digital future. Using technology in the classroom gives mentors and teachers the opportunity to develop and improve their student’s digital skills.

Improves retention

Students who are interested and engaged in a certain topic they are studying, are expected to retain that for a longer period of time. Technology is one of the best ways to make the learning process more enjoyable and fun. The technology used in classrooms also encourages more active participation which is hard to achieve in the traditional learning environment.


With the advancement of technology, books have transferred into tablets and mobile phones. Nowadays instead of carrying heavy textbooks, students just carry a tablet or a laptop which contain all their books, notes and projects. They can also get question banks and competitive exam question papers like NEET 2017 question paper, JEE sample papers, etc. from their tablets and laptops at any time.

Instant updates

With various mobile applications, students can get about campus events, exam dates, marking scheme and various exam details directly from their mobile application or from the internet.

Increased collaboration

With the help of technology, students can collaborate and work with other students in other locations. Distance learners can join various online educational communities and discuss on various projects. This challenges and engages students with interactive and brand new ideas.

These were some of the advantages of using technology in the classroom. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch engaging video lessons on various science and math topics.