7 Daily Habits To Improve Productivity

7 Daily Habits To Improve Productivity

7 Daily Habits To Improve Productivity

NEW DELHI: Productivity is the magic word when it comes to professional success. How much can you get done efficiently reflects your ability and organization skills. Being productive is important not just for a successful professional life but also a balanced personal life. There are certain changes you can make to your life which will help increase and/or improve your productivity on both fronts. These are some very simple adjustments one can make in life which have been reiterated by successful leaders time and again.

1. Enough Sleep – There is no dearth of research about the relation between sleep and productivity. Lack of sleep can affect productivity in the long run and one should not skip on essential hours of sleep just to catch on work.

2. Early to rise – As kids we were taught, ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. Rising early can do wonders in the long run. Studies have proved that people whose performance is at peak in the morning are more successful than those who are at their best during evening.

3. Exercise – an exercise or workout regimen of even 45 minutes can bring about a great change to your overall life. Exercise of any form releases endorphin in the system which gives a boost to mood and helps in reducing stress which ultimately positively affects overall productivity.

4. A good breakfast – Breakfast, sadly, is one meal people often choose to skip which is again a wrong move in the long run. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and hence is very important. Skipping breakfast can take a toll on your body and negatively affect your productivity.
5. Regular breaks – It is important to take regular breaks during the day to re-energize. While it might seem that taking breaks slows down progress, scientific studies have proven that taking breaks increases productivity.

6. Use a to-do list – It helps immensely to have a to-do list. It not only gives you an outline of how your day might be but also helps you organizing your work thus increasing your productivity.

7. Save time on commuting If it could be managed, then reduce your time on commuting. An hour saved instead of commuting can be utilized in numerous productive ways.