The Hidden Causes Of Midnight Snacking

The Hidden Causes Of Midnight Snacking

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite important for body’s proper functioning. Even after eating healthy throughout the day, those sudden midnight hunger pangs can possibly break the deal. Midnight cravings are not really healthy as they tend to promote obesityand weight gain. Munching on those cookies and chips late at night could possibly give you a sugar rush and can cause an interrupted metabolism. Here are some of the hidden causes of those odd hour hunger pangs.

Poor Nutrition Intake

Having big meals will not hold any importance if the food that you’re consuming is not high in nutrients. Your body will anyhow end up feeling hungry. Eating large amount of carbohydrates and sugar is not at all healthy as your body will lack in essential fibers, proteins and healthy fats. Consumption of essential fibers can provide sugar stability which can keep you full for a longer period of time.

national nutrition weekConsumption of essential fibers can provide sugar stability.

Hormonal Changes

There are various hormonal fluctuations that can cause midnight cravings as well. When the hormones get imbalanced, the body craves for sugar and certain other junk foods. Psychological reasons such as stress, menstruation, depression and anxietycan impact this too.

Night Eating Syndrome

People suffering from NIE usually have lower levels of hunger in the morning and seek for more food in the evening. They also suffers from insomnia causing sleep difficulty . It takes place because the format followed by the body is different since there’s low hunger in the early hours of the day and much higher intake at night. This can lead to obesity and other weight gain issues.

midnight cravings

People suffering from NIE usually have lower levels of hunger in the morning.​

Irregular Meal Pattern

Eating meals at regular intervals is healthy for the body and its metabolism. It can maintain the blood sugar levels throughout the day and can also put a halt to those midnight hunger pangs.

Late night cravings would come to you if you’re not taking care of your body and its healthy nutrition intake. So it’s always better to avoid these habits and inculcate healthier ones instead.