5 lifestyle habits to reduce risk of dementia



“The chances of developing dementia are 32 per cent lower in people with a high genetic risk if they have followed a healthy lifestyle, compared to those who have an unhealthy lifestyle”, says a recent study published in the journal JAMA. Dementia is a neurological disease which is characterised by deterioration in memory, thinking, behaviour and ability to perform daily activities. According to WHO, around 50 million people are suffering from this condition world-wide and 10 million new dementia cases get registered every year. One of the major causes of disability, dementia is caused by either the damage or loss of nerve cells connecting to the brain. Symptoms of this condition differ based on the area of brain affected. Notably, old age, family history, smoking, drinking alcohol, diabetes, sleep apnea, and Down syndrome increase your risk of developing this disease. If left untreated, dementia may further lead to complications like poor nutrition, personal safety challenge, pneumonia, and in fact death. Here, we tell you about possible ways to prevent your risk of developing dementia. Read on to know about them.


Exercise daily: Being physically active can potentially delay the onset of dementia.


Stop smoking: Smoking can damage your blood vessels and increase your chances of developing this neurological condition.

Vitamin C

Eat healthy: Opt for vitamin C and D rich foods like oranges, soy milk, salmon etc. Notably, deficiency of these nutrients is already associated with dementia.


Get enough sleep: Sleep is important for your brain to relax and treat any damage inside.



Keep your mind active: Keep reading or/and solving puzzles. Doing this will delay the onset of dementia.