What Does an Entertainment Producer Do?

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One of the credits you will see in television shows, movies and concerts is that of the producer. This is a difficult job that requires being able to multi-task effectively, manage your time well and work well with others. Not many know exactly what responsibilities and qualifications a producer has, which can lead to the position being misunderstood and undervalued by the general public.


Some of the responsibilities that a producer has include hiring staff, raising funding and monitoring post-production processes. He or she is also responsible for approving production changes, coordinating personnel and conducting staff meetings. Producers like Heather Parry will also act as business managers, overseeing things like the budget and marketing. While it is an industry joke that no one really knows what one does, the truth is that producers do a little bit of everything during the production and post-production processes to make a project a success.


Since producers usually make business decisions regarding movies and other entertainment, many will have degrees in business management as well as experience or education in the industry. A college degree is not required, however, as many entertainers will start out as actors or singers, gaining production experience along the way. Some stage technicians will also choose to start producing projects because of their relevant experience. This experience allows them to start producing projects on their own, with or without a relevant college degree.

Knowing what a producer does in the entertainment industry can give you a new-found respect for that title in the credits of your favorite film as well as inspire a new career path. You can study business and theater-related topics in college and get a degree to become a producer, or you can start your career in a related field and work your way up.