Wendy’s Dropped A Queso Burger, Fries, And Chicken Sandwich

In what could be considered as either incredible competition or an insanely lucky coincidence, Wendy’s has added not one but three new queso-covered menu items just days after Chipotle announced its new queso and McDonald’s added loaded cheese fries to its lineup.

The new docket includes a burger, chicken sandwich, and fries that are all drenched in creamy queso and bacon bits. For the Bacon Queso Burger, the fast-food chain took its traditional square, never-frozen beef patty and layered it with spicy poblano-pepper queso, applewood-smoked bacon, salsa, red onions, and — as if that wasn’t enough cheese — it’s topped off with shredded cheddar. The Bacon Queso Chicken Sandwich follows a similar construction, loaded with the same queso, bacon, salsa, onion, and cheddar — all sitting on a jalapeño bun.

Then there are the Bacon Queso Fries, which are smothered in the spicy cheese sauce, then showered in crumbled bacon and shredded cheddar. All three pack well over 500 calories but when it comes to queso, who’s even counting?