Weird momo combinations that give us goosebumps

1. Lip-smacking momos you must try!

Lip-smacking momos you must try!

Long ago in a land unknown, someone came up with a genius gastronomical idea of getting delicious pockets of happiness to India. When that happened, momos quickly became the unofficial street food of the nation. Any Indian could swear by momos. We could have momos 24×7, all days of the year because in the simplest words, they now are an inseparable part of our cuisine. But then there are some varieties of it that are a major buzzkill.

Here’s our list of 8 weird momo combinations that are nothing less than nightmares.

2. Momo burger

Momo burger

As foodies, we really admire the fact that new varieties of our favourite street food are being invented but on a slightly emotional note, is it really important to merge momos and burgers together? We can’t even picture this, let alone take a bite of it.

3. Pizza momos

Pizza momos

If you’ve ever ordered food with friends (we’re guessing you have friends. If not, it’s probably because you feast on chocolate momos!) you know there’s always that one person who spills the drink over your food. What happens to the food is exactly what happens to a momo when pizza sauces and toppings are added to it – it becomes soggy, wet and more than anything it becomes difficult for us to even imagine eating the weird dish.

4. Mango momos

Mango momos

It sounds weird, we know. You know what’s scary? The thought of eating it. Whoever came up with this fusion certainly wanted to ruin our ‘King of Fruits’ and our ‘summer delight’ forever. ‘Momgoes’, let’s be clear on one thing, you’re clearly not our favourite. Not even close.

5. Manchurian momos

Manchurian momos

What surprises us is how and why someone took out the time to even think of this dish. Momos mixed with Manchurian gravy? If that sounds appealing to you, we most definitely can’t be friends!

6. Maggi momos

Maggi momos

Honestly speaking Maggi has always been our life saviour and so have momos, but we prefer having the two separately. So when we’re served a momo filled with Maggi, we say “no thanks, we have better ways to torture ourselves.”

7. Vodka momos

Vodka momos

Ever got drunk to the point that you start eating vodka momos? Famous amongst many, we can’t help but wonder what people seem to love about it. To us, liquid filled inside a momo just seems to be a royal mess.

8. ​Ice cream

​Ice cream

Ice cream undoubtedly solves everything but surely not when it’s stuffed inside a momo. People all over the internet and the world had mixed reviews about it but we know for a fact that this is a combination made just for the bravehearts. If the ice cream could scream, it’d probably demand its freedom right now!

9. Chocolate momos

Chocolate momos

All you need is love and chocolate. Or momos. But not the two of them together, please. Chocolate momos are what Instagram is going gaga over but we can’t think of digesting this sweet and salty ball of flour.