10 weird food combinations that actually taste great!

1. Are you ready to explore?

Are you ready to explore?

When it comes to food, every ingredient has its own identity in terms of texture and taste. While certain food items work well together, there a few that are some less obvious and strange sounding combinations that we never think of even trying. But, food is all about experimentation and exploration. Today, we are going to tell you about such 10 weird food combinations that are actually mouth-watering. Are you ready to explore?

2. Mango and Chilli Powder

Mango and Chilli Powder
If you are done with shakes and freakshakes, add a twist to the pulpy delight and sprinkle some chilli powder to balance the sweetness. Try this combo for curries and cocktails.

3. Olive Oil and Ice Cream

Olive Oil and Ice Cream
Now that olive oil has become an integral part of daily meals, why don’t you add it to your desserts too? Well, if you don’t know olive oil gelato is actually a popular flavor in Italy.

4. Coca-Cola and Chicken

Coca-Cola and Chicken
If chicken and wine can be exotic, why not Coca-Cola and chicken? Give it a try and trust us, the soda content gives the chicken a sweet and syrupy flavor. Yummm!

5. Chocolate and Avocado

Chocolate and Avocado
Sounds weird? For a change, use the combo to make healthy mousse or pudding. Imagine the blend of healthy fats of avocado and creamy base of chocolate, got tempted?

6. Strawberry & Tomato

Strawberry & Tomato
The combination sounds strange but trust us, the amalgamation of sweet strawberries with acidic tomatoes is perfect for salads and bruschetta.

7. Dark Chocolate and Parmesan Cheese

Dark Chocolate and Parmesan Cheese
If you don’t know, cheese was actually invented to be paired with chocolate. And this combination is just a reflection of the invention. Melt them together and use as a dressing for the sandwich.

8. Oranges and Olives

Oranges and Olives
Looking for an overpowering topping for cakes or savoury dishes? Try the unique pair of oranges and olives. The marriage of citrusy oranges with briny pickled olives will definitely work well.

9. Vanilla Ice Cream and Soy Sauce

Vanilla Ice Cream and Soy Sauce
We all have tried the chocolate sauce on vanilla ice cream, but, how about exploring something that looks the same but taste poles apart? We are talking about soy sauce. The combination is incredible. If you love exploring flavours, this blend of sweetness and salty soy sauce will make you awestruck.

10. Yogurt and Eggs

Yogurt and Eggs
We often use them as breakfast staples, but have you ever tried them together? If not, put them together and begin your day on a delightful note.

11. Pizza and Nutella

Pizza and Nutella
Forget the cheese burst and margarita, and say hello to Nutella as a dressing. This sweet version of pizza will definitely tantalize your senses.