“Voice Over Garden” A Community Choice Winner in 2013 Small Business Book Awards

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“Voice Over Garden: How To Create Abundance As A Global Online Voice Actor” is written and published by Jonathan Tilley.

With a background in theater, dance and choreography, voice-over artist and coach Jonathan Tilley transitioned his career to focus solely on voice-over work. He shares his personal experiences in becoming a global online voice actor in this book.

For those just interested or dabbling part-time in voice-over work, this book outlines how to make voice-over a full-time opportunity.

The book provides tips on:

– Networking demos on a global scale
– Investing in a home studio
– Finding stability in a volatile industry
– Breaking down a character
– Business suggestions, branding and invoicing

The book uses the metaphor of growing a garden to illustrate the process of cultivating and developing relationships and a strategy for long-term success. Tilley shows readers how to move from a freelance mindset to that of a business owner in this book.