Tips And Recipe To Make Restaurant-Style Chilli Chicken At Home

Tips And Recipe To Make Restaurant-Style Chilli Chicken At Home

“Love thy neighbour.” If there is one field where Indians have mastered the lesson is in the arena of food. Let’s admit it, with a plethora of our own desi marvels from north to south, it could get slightly difficult for cuisines of other countries to make inroads, especially on to the streets of the country. But, history is proof that India has welcomed good food with open arms, especially what our neighbours got on board. Chinese cuisine certainly holds a special place in all our hearts. We have had it in the upscale and most expensive restaurants in town and we have had it by the roadside, and how we have loved it each time. Chilli chicken is one such delicacy we can never get enough of. Tender chicken chunks tossed with stir-fried veggies, and tantalising sauce is a true explosion of flavours. Be it dry or in gravy, the rich reddish-brown delicacy is always a hit. Chilli chicken’s popularity can also be judged by the fact how there are special mixes available in the market to help you make the exact restaurant-style chilli chicken at home. Turns out, that restaurant-style chilli chicken is pretty easy to toss up at home, even without these ready-to make mixes.

Here are some tips and recipe to make hot, pepper indo-chinese chilli chicken at home.

Tips To Make Chilli Chicken At Home

1. To make boneless chilli chicken, chicken breasts make for a fine pick. Cut little chunks of a healthy chicken breast. If you are out of chicken breast, you could use chicken thighs as well.

2. Soak the chicken chunks in brine solution for couple of hours to make it more tender.

3. Chilli chicken is incomplete without the medley of stir fried veggies, you can take your pick from onions, capsicum and carrots, and sautee them well with ginger, soy sauce and garlic. Don’t be stingy with garlic. Indo-Chinese chilli chicken is high on garlic bits.

4. Chicken chunks appear bigger because they are dipped in a special batter before frying. In restaurant-style chilli chicken, you would never find naked chicken chunks.

chilli chicken

 To make boneless chilli chicken, chicken breasts make for a fine pick

5. Mix together the chicken, egg, corn flour, ginger and garlic paste, 2 tsp salt, and enough water so that the chicken pieces are coated well with the batter before frying.

6. Heat oil in a deep pan over high flame. Fry the chicken pieces until golden. Remove and drain excess oil on an absorbent paper.

7. To make the sauce more tangy along with soy sauce, you can use chilli sauce, tomato puree, and sugar.