Three apps to get that photo just right

Photography has now become an essential skill. Mobile phones available these days are equipped with good in-built cameras, and people have been using them more than ever to capture their memories — both mundane and memorable. It has also emerged as a lucrative career option. Whether you are interested in learning it professionally or as a hobby, here are some apps that can help.

Learn photography

If you are a beginner and find terms such as Bokeh and white balance confounding, worry not. To help you get started, this app includes various topics such as introduction to different cameras, lenses, exposure, composition and timing or moment, among others. It aims at helping users learn the basic as well as advanced techniques of photography, tips and tricks and different techniques. The app is divided into five main parts: Learn photography, Tips of photography, Camera Choosing, Camera Options and Photography Videos.


Photography: Nat Geo Traveller

Want to take your photography skills to the next level? This app offers a “behind-the-scenes look at some of the fantastic travel photography” featured in the iconic National Geographic Traveller (U.K.) magazine. It features how-to guides, tips and Q&As from the magazine’s experts, kit guides and equipment reviews, updates on exciting competitions one can take part in, tips on post-production touch-ups, and so on.



Knowing how to enhance a photo with the help of various apps is a useful skill. Snapseed is a professional photo editor developed by Google. It includes various tools and features such as Face Pose, Face Enhance, Retrolux, HDR Scape, Lens Blur, Healing, and so on, to enable users to edit their photos. The app supports JPG and DNG files and allows the photos to be fine-tuned with precision. It has been customised for mobile phones as well as tablets.