It’s Raining Fries! 5 Places In Delhi To Try The Cheesiest Fries

It's Raining Fries! 5 Places In Delhi To Try The Cheesiest Fries

Fries lovers, raise your hand! There is no denying the fact that fries alone come into the category of comfort food; however, what makes them more soulful is the generous loading of cheese on top of them. If the mere thought of it has got you drooling already, then there’s more for you. The joy of gorging on crisp fries that are smothered with cheese is above all. If you have a thing for all things cheesy and love your fries to be loaded with oodles of cheese, then this article is going to come quite handy to you. Delhi is hub of food joints, and when it comes to fries, this city has a lot to offer. Here is a list of 5 such places that serve the cheesiest fries.

Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door, or BYD as it is fondly known as, is one cafe that has maintained its quality and quantity since time immemorial. It is a heaven for cheese lovers; brownie points if you happen to be a fries lover too. The combination of cheese and fries together is undoubtedly soulful. BYD offers a culinary experience by serving cheese loaded fries, which are crisped to perfection.

Where: 2521, 2nd Floor, Kingsway Camp, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi
When: INR 600
Cost For Two: 10:30AM to 11PM

Californian Classics

Located in Netaji Subhash Place, Californian Classics is a little joint that serves all things American. From burgers to shakes to tacos; this place has it all. However, the stellar preparation here turns out to be the cheesy fries. What makes this place different from the others is the quirky shape of fries and the amount of cheese with which they load the fries! Served in a cone-like pocket, the cheesy curly fries and crinkle cut fries are more than just visual treat.

Where: G1, Ground Floor, near Stanmax, Aggarwal Millennium Tower 1, Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi
When: 11:15AM to 10PM
Cost For Two: INR 300

J Cafe

‘Tis raining fries here! Known for its fries and exotic varieties of toppings, J Cafe is a total hit amongst students as it is quite light on the pocket. With cheese oozing out of every portion you take; this delight will end up making you crave for more. The fries here are loaded with generous portions of melted cheese and are bursting with flavours.

Where: G-74, Aggarwal Millennium Tower-2, Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi
When: 11AM – 11PM
Cost For Two: INR 400


Potet offers a wide variety of fries, along with a dozen of dips and toppings. However, the highlight of the menu still remains to be the classic cheese loaded fries. After having your share of fries here, you’re most likely to experience a cheese-high!

Where: Hashtag Dwarka, City Centre Mall, Sector 12, Dwarka
When: 11AM to 10:30PM
Cost For Two: INR 300

Black Jack

This place has taken the French fries game to the next level. Why you ask? Apart from doing the cheesy fries, they use a secret spice mix to season their fries. The fiery combination of fries, spices and cheese, all together in one, makes this delight an absolute must-try! Served in a glass jar, the fries smothered with cheesy sauce and a melange of spices look extremely appetising.

0COMMENTSWhere: Shop 1, Plot 23, North West Avenue, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh West, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
When: 12:30PM to 12Midnight
Cost For Two: INR 500