How to make banana ice cream smoothie

Banana and ice cream make the perfect rich and creamy smoothie.

Banana ice cream smoothie is a pretty much easy to make kind of drink which is an incredibly rich, thick and tasty drink with so much yum attached to it.

Banana ice cream smoothie (Pinterest)


1. 2 ripe banana (sliced)

2. 1 scoop vanilla ice cream

3. 1/2 cup vanilla yoghurt

4. 2 cups milk

5. 2 tablespoon cashew nuts

6. 1 cup sugar

7. Ice cubes (crushed)


1. Put the sliced bananas, yoghurt, milk and ice into the blender and blend.

Put the chopped banana in the blender. Add milk, yoghurt and crushed ice. Blend till it’s smooth (Huffington post)

2. Add scoops of the vanilla ice cream and sugar blend. (you can use honey for a healthier option).

Add scoops of vanilla ice cream and blend (Wikihow)

3. Add the cashew nuts and blend until it’s smooth.

Serve in a glass cup and enjoy your smoothie.