Looking for new work wear?

Do you know the feeling of not being completely comfortable in your daily uniform or work wear? Its not worth it. The industry of great quality work wear in durable and strong materials offers a wide selection of garments, that meets the industries criteria in many ways. Regardless of what industry you work in, its important to feel comfortable in your clothing, because you spend most of the day in it. Therefore, it might be time to look for new clothing for your work.

Professional server shirts and aprons

If you work in the service, restaurant or hotel business you probably know that appearance is everything – especially when having direct contact with customers. A great part of that appearance come from the professional uniform any server, manager, bartender, receptionist or chef wears. The traditional white shirt and classic black apron is part of almost any restaurant or hotel. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for making it your own.

At Kentaur.com you can choose your professional server uniform among a great variety of both models, fabrics and colors. In other words – choose the one that fits you, your job and personality. Go for a modern cut without classic shirt collars or try a bold color like red or green. Complete the uniform with the right apron and pants. It usually depends on what kind of work you have and how the traditions are. Black can be both modern and classic – its up to you to make it your own. Look for professional server shirts at Kentaur.

Go for the quality

The most important thing is to choose a garment, that suits your needs and preferences. To Kentaur this is exactly what is key – user experience. They test and try out all models and collections and take note on the dialog that is ongoing with professional servers and chefs. This ensures, that the products on the website for you to buy, meets every need, preference and requirement that you and your colleagues might have. There is no reason to wear anything but a professional server shirt in high quality.

Take a look at the website and see for yourself. At Kentaur they promote quality for every product, that is available. This applies to everything from design and fittings to materials. Work wear from this brand is made for and tested by professionals in industries that requires great service.