Keep your devices juiced up with this one-day sale on Anker charging gear

A white, capsule with charging ports on it.


It’s another good day to charge up your mobile gear for an excellent price. Amazon has a one-day sale on Anker charging gear that includes power banks, power strips, wireless charging pads, cables, and more. Here are our top three picks from the sale, which ends just before midnight Pacific time on Tuesday.

First up, we have the Anker 3-in-1 multi-device wireless charging station for $29.59. That’s $16.40 off the usual price. This charging station features a wireless charging stand for Qi-compatible devices. The stand can charge up devices in portrait or landscape mode. It also has two standard USB ports on the back for a cumulative 12W of charging power. In the box, you get the stand, a 5-foot cable, and a 36W wall adapter.

If you need a solid wall adapter, then this next item will interest you. Anker’s 30W PIQ USB-C fast charger is $14. That’s down from $24. This charger is a good option for the iPhone 12, Huawei P10, and Samsung Galaxy. However, it also works with a large number of other devices including MacBooks.

Finally, we come to an interesting-looking device. The USB-C 3 Capsule is on sale for $44, which is down from a whopping $70. The Capsule is a power strip and surge protector with three standard outlets on the back, three USB ports on the front (including two standard USB ports for charging), and one USB-C port. This is an interesting little device that better organizes your cords, so long as you only have a few.