Kareena Kapoor Khan knows exactly how to slay in any outfit and situation. From motivating fans to workout to giving quarantine fashion and beauty goals, Bebo is doing everything that she used to do before lockdown to look stunning and that’s what’s making us drool over her pictures and Instagram account.

The diva recently took to her Instagram account to post a video that reveals her summer beauty essentials. If you wish to know about the secret behind Kareena’s lockdown beauty, read further.

Three things that are helping Bebo to slay during quarantine are “messy bun, kaftan and homemade masks.” Below, you can see the post in which she can be seen pouting with a face mask on.

Apart from good genes, a healthy diet, and yoga are to give credit for the Tinsel town diva’s ethereal beauty. She keeps good care of her skin and hair. Almond oil is what helps her flaunt her illustrious locks and flawless skin. She uses it whenever she gets time. Those who do not know much about the beauty benefits of almond oil, it helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Additionally, using it regularly can give you dandruff-free hair. During summer, you can topically apply almond oil on your skin to get rid of stubborn tan.

Kareena has a fondness for honey too. This kitchen ingredient has strong anti-bacterial properties that help in treating acne and removing scars. Honey also delays the ageing process with the help of antioxidants present in it. Its daily application on the face can make your skin smooth and you will feel refreshing. Honey can be your perfect and favourite conditioner and lip balm too.

source: india