Hebrew University Quantum Communications System

Prof. Nadav Katz with a low temperature setup for testing superconducting detectors at the Hebrew University’s Quantum Information Science Center. (photo credit:YITZ WOOLF FOR HEBREW UNIVERSITY)

Research at Israel’s leading quantum science center, which has won a tender to build a national quantum communications system, is paving the way for massive improvements in computation speed and secure communication. The goal of this project is to develop homegrown Israeli expertise and technology for a national quantum communications system that will prevent eavesdropping, protect data privacy and secure national infrastructure.

The Quantum Information Science Center (QISC) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has won a NIS 7.5 million tender from the government to lead the construction of a national demonstrator for quantum communications technologies.

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Prof. Nadav Katz, director of the center and a researcher at HU’s Racah Institute of Physics, said on Monday: “This project to build a national quantum communications system will position Israel in the leading edge of research toward ultimately secured communication systems. With support from the Government of Israel and in cooperation with our research partners, this is the first Israeli national project in the emerging field of quantum information technologies.”

Quantum information research is one of the hottest areas in 21st-century science, promising dramatic improvements in computation speed and secure communication. Based on the inherent wave-like nature of matter and light, it will lead to massive leaps forward in our ability to fabricate, control, measure and understand advanced structures.