iOS 11 public beta: 3 hidden features you should know about

Image result for iOS 11 public beta: 3 hidden features you should know aboutApple gave us a first preview of iOS 11 during WWDC last month, but it turns out that there are some features that were not revealed.

In this week’s episode of The iPhone Show, I installed the first public beta of iOS 11 to try to uncover the best features that Apple did not mention during WWDC. The first public beta of iOS 11 sure has a lot of bugs, but it was totally worth it because of these hidden features.

With iOS 11, you can now enable Screen Recording so you can capture everything that’s happening on your iPhone screen in video form. There’s also a brand-new keyboard setting for One-Handed Typing, so that it’s easier to text your friends while holding a drink. Lastly, iOS 11 also gives us more storage optimization options with recommendations to auto-delete old conversations and large attachments.

Watch the video above to find out how you can activate these new hidden features. Looking for more new features? Check out our top 10 favorite thingsabout iOS 11.

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