Weight loss tip #178: Make healthy food look delicious

make healthy food look good

Ever wondered why a well-plated watermelon and feta salad at a high-end restaurant look drool worthy as compared to a salad you prepare at home? Most of us are put off at the sight of a bottle gourd vegetable, or stir fried vegetables or a plain salad and oats. It just makes you more aware that you are trying to follow a diet to lose weight. It reminds you that this is not the food you like to eat or want to eat. You are doing this just to reach your goal of weight loss. This obviously will not help you sustain for long. You’ll soon start cheating.

The solution to this is simple – make healthy food look delicious. We eat with our eyes first which is why restaurant food is tastier than home-cooked meals. Well-presented food can trigger salivation and increase your appetite immediately. Food that looks good suddenly becomes appetizing. So if you are struggling to maintain a healthy diet, spend some time on decorating your plate to improve the visual appeal of the food.

Tips to make healthy food look delicious

  • Use different types of crockery. Colourful, black or white. Go for smaller plates. They help you control portions and make food look attractive
  • Garnish your food with colourful ingredients. You can use watermelon seeds, nuts or pumpkin seeds for dark coloured foods. Use mint, chopped palak, cauliflower leaves or coriander to garnish most of your dishes. Green colour is soothing as well as appealing to the eyes. You can even use pomegranate for colour pop.
  • Follow a few healthy food blogs to see how they plate their food. It is not a time-consuming task. It just needs some creativity.
  • Keep your dining table decorated, neat and tidy at all times. It elevates your meal experience and takes your mind away from the fact that you might be eating boring food.
  • Don’t overdo it. Adding too many colours or elements can make your plate look cluttered. Keep it simple.
  • Instead of mixing all veggies in the salad, keep a few stir-fried on the side.

Image Source: Shutterstock