Here’s How to Temporarily Disable Face ID

If you’re planning to get Apple’s new iPhone X and are worried someone could hold your phone in front of your face to unlock it, you can temporarily disable Face ID. It’s easy to do, too. Read on to learn how.

Face ID is Apple’s replacement for Touch ID on the iPhone X. Instead of using your fingerprint to unlock your phone and authorize payments, the iPhone X uses facial recognition.

To temporarily disable Face ID, just press the buttons on both sides of the phone. Apple hasn’t said how long you need to hold down the buttons, but presumably it’s a fairly quick action.

Disable Face ID on iPhone X by gripping the side buttons

Grip the buttons on both sides of the iPhone X to temporarily disable Face ID

If you haven’t disabled Face ID, but still want to avoid unlocking your iPhone X with your face, Apple says don’t stare. Apparently Face ID needs you to give your phone a good look to do its thing.