Flower plants to grow in chilling winters

If you think that you are the only one who is suffering the most in the chilling winters, you are probably wrong. Plants and flowers also suffer a lot although winter is the best time for great flowers. Many flower shows are organized in many places across the country where these charming and elegant flowers show up and mesmerizes us. But it is often recorded that the plant growth is minimal during winters. Anyways, there are still some flower plants which you can grow in your terrace garden or lawn in winters and they are discussed below:



This is the most beautiful flower in the whole world and is always a matter of pride among neighbors if you own a plant of rose. Choose any color that you desire – red, pink, yellow, orange, or white. You can get your own Happy New Year roses bouquet for all your loved ones, if you have the rose plants in your home. Rose is a plant who is not at all fussy about the soil type but a good amount of loam has to be supplied by you. And watering the rose plant daily is very important and make sure the drainage of water.



This is a flower plant type that has lovely colorful flowers and it grows best in sandy to loamy type of soil. The bright colored flower means endurance. Generally found in white, yellow, red, and magenta colors, a zinnia flower is a favorite thing of humming birds. So, welcome the cute humming birds also in your home when you place the zinnia. A zinnia can be gifted to a friend of yours who is feeling confused or directionless.



There is perhaps no easier flower to grow than a marigold. In our culture, tis flower is regarded as the auspicious one and is needed in all our Puja rooms. So, planting this plant in your courtyard would be really beneficial. And another fact is that it grows all around the year. It was the Portuguese who introduced these flowers in our country which is seen hugely in all our festival and occasion decorations.



Looks beautiful and ravishing, these flowers cheer up the winter weather. When you get these flowers to someone, it conveys one message – “being with you is always soothing”. The never-ending hope is also symbolized by this flower. The colors of Petunia are: red, purple, pink, yellow, blue, and white. As a gift on birthday or on house-warming carrying a floral arrangement of petunias would be really amazing. And of course as New Year flowers, you can use these flowers as a welcome garland or wreath on your door.