Family’s health, safety top concerns for Indian women: survey



Does today’s woman display awareness and preparedness for eventualities that may impact her and her family’s life and belongings? And does she take charge when it comes to facing risks? To gauge women’s perception towards risk in areas such as health, travel, motor, and home, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd conducted an online survey. The survey collected responses from 876 women respondents in the age group of 22-55 through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

The survey found that Indian women prefer to put their family’s health and safety first as acknowledged by 86% respondents. Also taking into account the recent catastrophic events, women are getting more cautious. This is evident from the responses wherein they gave importance to staying healthy (71%), and ensuring adequate savings (63%).

Even as they adopt a cautious stance, a majority of women have insured themselves through an appropriate insurance cover—84% have health insurance, 70% had motor insurance cover, and 36% have a home insurance policy. Here are some more findings from the survey.

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