Facebook Testing Video Streaming From App to TV via AirPlay, Chromecast

Facebook Testing Video Streaming From App to TV via AirPlay, Chromecast

Facebook Testing Video Streaming From App to TV via AirPlay, Chromecast
Facebook is testing streaming support via AirPlay, Chromecast
For now, the implementation is pretty basic
Feature should be especially useful for commenting on live videos
Facebook, lately, has been all about videos. The social media giant has been pushing its video content to the top of the user’s feed signalling the company’s shift towards video streaming. After introducing live broadcasting on the site, Facebook is now testing a feature on both its Android and iOS apps that would allow stream Facebook videos to their televisions.

The company is planning to have this feature work with TVs that are connected to Apple TV or Google Chromecast, apart from AirPlay-connected televisions. “We’re currently testing updates to the Facebook app that provide better support for streaming videos from the app to your TV via AirPlay and Chromecast,” a Facebook spokesperson told Marketing Land, confirming the feature.

As of now, the AirPlay and Chromecast support is pretty basic, Marketing Land reports. Users can minimise the in-app video player so that they may scroll through their news feed while still having the video playing on their television. Chromecast users can also cue videos and create a playlist so that they can play one after the other, just in case one feels like binging.
With this new feature, it looks like Facebook wants to dominate the video streaming department as well. The feature is especially useful for Facebook Live streams as it will allow users to watch live videos on the big screen and leave the small screen for comments.

Facebook’s news feed algorithm already pushes videos to the top, attracting more people to watch videos. The new feature along with better, longer videos on the site is likely to help Facebook enter the living room space where services like Netflix and Hulu are presently dominating.

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