Destination Wedding: 3 Next-Level Beauty Treatments To Try Before The Big Day​​

It’s destination wedding season which means you might soon be traveling to a beautiful location to get married or will see a loved one get hitched. In anticipation of this once in a lifetime event, you may want to try some new beauty treatments that will have you looking your best on the day and there are some programs out there that promise noticeable results. Before you imagine a relaxing massage or facial, I want to tell you that I’ve tried all of these and they aren’t strictly pampering. Largely these treatments fall under the category, no pain no gain, however, they are all non-invasive and require no downtime. These will have you looking great albeit it with a little more muscle to get results.




1.   FaceGym

Go on a boot camp for your complexion, yes, one that actually works out the muscles in your face. “Think of your facial muscles as what keeps it all in place to allow for your complexion to glow,” says FaceGym founder Inge Theron. Their Face Camp Package for Brides features a variety of treatments promising to have your face looking tighter and more glowing. The program starts with the Signature Electrical session to stimulate muscles, contour cheekbones, tighten the jawline and forehead. This is followed by Game Face a week later, a treatment which uses radio frequency to tighten. Then comes another signature electrical session and the program culminates with Cryo Oxygen where you will experience a blast of frozen CO2 to hydrate and plump. These series of non-invasive treatments will have you looking youthful and refreshed, whether you’re the one getting married or just a gorgeous guest.

2. truSculptiD

With destination weddings usually come with a variety of outdoor activities and some of them requiring a bathing suit. Most of us have some stubborn pockets of fat on our body that no matter how often we exercise or watch what we eat remain the same, and we would prefer to just not have them. I’m here to tell you that there’s hope for those areas — it’s called truSculptiD and it’s a non-invasive body sculpting treatment that uses radiofrequency and heat to melt away body fat through the application of handpieces which are strapped to specific body parts. Manhattan Aesthetics was one of the first and foremost med-spas in New York City to offer this treatment and it’s where I learned about the procedure. Depending on which body part you select the experience can feel anywhere from a hot stone massage to well, something a bit hotter and more uncomfortable than that. The procedure takes 20 minutes and can result in an average of 24 percent body fat reduction in the desired location. Results can be seen anywhere between two to 12 weeks, so if you have a specific date you want to look fabulous, I recommend working backward time-wise. If you’ve always zeroed in on one problem area, truSculptiD can really help make you feel more comfortable especially in a group setting like a wedding.

3. Emsculpt

If you’ve dreamed of having abs or wanted your booty to be lifted without going under the knife, Emsculpt is a toning procedure which induces powerful muscle contractions — if you choose to work on your abs, for instance, you’ll be doing the equivalent 25,000 situps per session. A HIFEM® device which looks like a large square disk will be strapped to your requested body part then induce muscle contractions which feel like intense vibrations. Your muscle tissue contracts and changes when exposed to the machine causing it to restructure in a positive way. I tried this procedure at SKINNEY Medspa and while it’s not painful it definitely takes getting used to, as the vibrations feel unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Each session gets easier and more comfortable though and you can see minor results almost immediately. Four sessions do the trick and you’ll revel in a more toned bod for months to come. I can report back that I have a hint of abs now, something I definitely did not have before and this moment is perfectly timed with the many weddings in warm destinations that I need to attend this year.