With CSM credentials, are you eligible to enroll in CSD workshop?

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In a bid to build industry ready talent, multiple courses are offered by the institute. With the help of trained professional the basic and advanced techniques of agile management courses are implanted to students. The training will help gauge the learner’s basic concepts to build their skills to advanced level. A scrum developer is technical expert who have gained mastery in the scum principles. Its high advanced learning of the techniques that makes him important for an organization.

CSD workshop is a platform that cultivates the professional skills in the aspirants. The training helps him grab the certified scrum developer credential. At this status, he can easily implement scrum principles and agile methodology to the organization. In the workshop the aspirants will grasp scrum principles and it will help you use your knowledge in the continuous improvement of the company.

In an effort to provide you with an enhanced learning experience the training is divided into 2 parts. In the first part you get familiar with the principles, frameworks and methods of scrum and how you can apply these techniques in the organization to derive maximum advantages out of it. If you have already acquired CSM credential, then you need not attend the first part. In total the training is about 5 days, but if you are CSM holders then you should directly enroll in the second part.

For you there is the second part of the training. This second part stretches 3 day long learning on a technical track. During your training you will get complete theory and practical sessions on the code samples. The training assists in grasping the concepts of the agile in a clear and practical way. Your training fosters very important features of highlighting your credential with specially designed logo.

For yourconvenience the training is imparted in the classroom by he experienced teachers. These teachers are from industry and possess more than 20 years of experience on the named course. For grabbing CSD certification, you need to acquire in-depth knowledge of the scrum methodology and its various techniques. Your experienced teachers are there to help you with a better understanding of the course.

The workshop is designed in such a way that it bestows wonderful learning experienceassignments,practical, exercises, case study are some of the techniques that help you grab the principles of the workshop conveniently.  Your workshop assists in completing 40 PDUs and 40 SEUs when you enroll for 5 day workshop. Your 3 day training will help you get 24 PDUs and 24 SEUs. Moreover, the fee that you pay for the training includes the examination fees as well.

100 days free access to agile and scrum e learning, downloadable e book, practical working with scrum tools, scrum approved course material, CSD certificate are just few to name the benefits that you get when you enroll for the training. The training bestows with all essential qualities that you need for adopting the changes in the organizations and molding them towards goal accomplishment.