Childish Gambino photographed at Auckland powhiri for Pharos festival

Donald Glover has arrived in New Zealand ahead of his Pharos festival this weekend, and has been photographed at the event’s venue.

The entertainer, who performs hip-hop under the Childish Gambino moniker, received a powhiri from iwi representatives at the Tapapakanga Regional Park on Friday

One of those involved in the official welcome was artist Janine Williams, who captured the moment on her Instagram account.

“Had the honour of being part of the powhiri as mana whenua for the Pharos event onto our whenua today at Tāpapakanga Regional Park,” she said in the caption.

“A show designed especially for this venue, it’s going to be an amazing weekend!”

In a video posted to Williams’ Instagram Story, Glover appears to be wearing a kahu huruhuru and pounamu – along with a massive grin.

In another video, Glover signs a painting of himself, which is credited as having been created by Paul Walsh.

Pharos is an annual event that was launched last year in Joshua Tree, California, before Glover chose to hold the second in Aotearoa.

He describes the festival as “a gathering of the five intuitives of the human experience: tribe, ritual, experience abstraction, architecture, language”.

“Be helpful. Do not be a detriment. No irony.”

The festival’s official website advises attendees to dress in their “frequency colour”, but notes that the dress code is not mandatory.

The Tapapakanga Regional Park location is on the outskirts of the Auckland region, where the Splore music festival also takes place.

Some tickets are still available to the R18, three-day event.