5 Types of Wines and the Best Time to Enjoy Them

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Wine is a classy alcoholic drink which is now being recognised for its health benefits too. Some experts regard red wine as heart-friendly while others claim that white wine is full of powerful antioxidants. If you’re new to the world of wine or if all this talk has convinced you to try it, here are some basics that you should know about. Wine is made by fermenting grapes, but not the ones you will typically find in a grocery store. Wine grapes are special; they have a thick skin, are small, sweet and contain seeds. TheseĀ grapesĀ are handpicked and processed to make different types of wines that are popularly enjoyed around the world. Did you know that there are over 200 types of wines that differ according to their taste and style? Understanding wine is slightly tricky as there are many types of wines that belong to different countries. However, these wines can be broadly categorised into five types. Let us take you through their differences and the best time to have them.

1. Red Wine

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The beautiful dark red colour comes from the dark coloured grape varieties. This deep red colour comes from anthocyanin pigments present in the skin of the grapes. Red wine has a slightly pungent flavour.



2. White Wine

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White wine, may not exactly be white in colour, but instead it has a yellowish-golden hue. White wine is produced mainly from white grapes that may be green or yellowish in colour. The many flavours of white wine may range from tangy and rich to creamy, light and zesty. The various types of white wines may include Moscato, Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc among others.

3. Rose Wine

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Rose wine is also known as rosada or rosato in different countries. The colour of this drink is usually pinkish and rosy. The longer the grapes’ skins are left sitting in the cask, the darker is the colour of the finished rose wine. The flavour of rose wine is dry which means that it is not very sweet.


4. Sparkling Wine
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Sparkling wine is a type of wine that is carbonated. One of the finest example of a fizzy sparkling wine is champagne. The sparkling quality of this wine comes from the significant levels of carbon dioxide infused in the drink. The various flavours of sparkling wine may vary from dry to sweet.

5. Fortified Wine

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Fortifying wines was a way to preserve wines used back in the day. The method of fortification is still used in order to add more flavours to the finished product. Fortified wine is actually a distilled spirit such as port wine, Sherry, Madeira and others.


These wines can be enjoyed anytime of the year. However, for summers, crisp rose and white wines are perfect for quenching your thirst and they must be slightly chilled before serving. For winters, sparkling wines and red wines make for the best companions.