5 Rajasthani Breakfasts You Must Try

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The land of Royals, Rajasthan is a paradise for history, art and culture lovers, alike. Rajasthan’s food has played its own sweet role in building a legacy of envy. Rajasthan’s climate does not allow cultivation of many crops and spices, yet no one who has ever tasted Rajasthani food would complain the cuisine of lacking flavours or variety. Rajasthan offers a magnificent range of unique dishes. A typical Rajasthani breakfast is especially quite a regal affair, every foodie must try. Here are some of our favourite picks.

1. Pyaaz Kachori

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Often dubbed as the birthplace of kachoris, Rajasthan has many variations of kachoris, and one of our most favourite is pyaaz ki kachori. The fried delicacy is prepared with a filling of delicious onions, potatoes and heart-warming spices. The puffed pastry goes best with the mix of spicy coriander chutney and sweet tamarind chutney. The popular breakfast snack is available at almost every small or big eatery across Rajasthan.

2. Bajara Roti And Lahsun Chutney

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Pearl millet bread with spicy and flavourful garlic chutney. The delicious and flavourful combination is a winner even for those trying to lose weight. Why you ask? Look at what we have here, Bajra, Garlic and lots of chillies. Say good bye to belly fat.

3. Kalmi Vada

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Deep fried flour based munchies served with a zesty ‘hari chutney.’ Kalmi Vada is a popular Rajasthani snack that is made with a variety of lentils such as chana dal, urad, arhar and moong. The deep fried crispy delight could serve as a perfect tea-time snack as well.

4. Moong Dal Pakori

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The bite-sized lentil snack is a sensation across North. Made from soaked and ground lentils, these fried fritters go best with spicy chutneys and a green chilly. Now, that is quite a feisty start to the day, won’t you agree?

5. Methi Bajara Puri And Aloo Subzi

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Rajasthan and their love affair with Bajra needs no introduction. Did you know Bajra roti is an amazing alternative for gluten intolerant people? It is also rich in essential compounds like protein, fibre, phosphorous, magnesium and iron. Methi bajra puri prepared with the filling of methi leaves are teamed best with chutney and aaloo ki sabzi.

Did we miss out on your favourite Rajasthani breakfast? Do let us know on the comments section!