12 delicious one-pot meals that are perfect for dinner tonight!

1. The magic of flavours!

The magic of flavours!

Everyone seems to be talking about Buddha Bowls these days. What are these? One-pot meals that are cooked with frugality, a meal bowl with a balance of ingredients, something akin to following the middle path. Or for those with wilder imaginations, are these meals cooked with ingredients that Buddha loved to eat? There are several contestions regarding the actual meaning of this concept. While initially they were believed to be essentially vegan bowls with ingredients that created a balance of nutrients in the body, they gradually began to be considered synonymous with wholesome one-pot meals that are easy to make and even meats became a part of them. When you are back home from work, and cooking is the last thing on your mind, but hunger is battering the very insides of you, these meals can rescue you from the impending drudgery in the kitchen. Go through our list and pick a scrumptious dinner for yourself tonight!

2. One-pot Pasta with Chicken

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How about combining the perfect blanched pasta with par-boiled chicken, seasoned with crushed peppercorn, olives, ketchup, and oregano! Sounds sinful? Try it today!

3. One-pot Spanish Rice and Prawn

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Indulge in the fragrance of steamed Spanish rice and top it with stir-fried crispy prawns. This one is loaded with nutrients and for those who want an extra dose of it can add some green veggies too.

4. One-pot Mushroom Pasta

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For a change forget your favourite chilli mushroom and try this wholesome meal made with pasta and button mushrooms. The double-dose of tender ingredients will keep you full for longer.

5. One-pot Fajita Pasta

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When tender chicken pieces meet blanched pasta penne, they together result in a wholesome meal that can be relished as lunch or dinner along with some red wine.

6. Cheesy Rice Bowl

Cheesy Rice Bowl
If you think cheesy pizza is your ultimate saviour, then this rice bowl loaded with green veggies and cream cheese will definitely change your opinion.

7. One-pot Kale Broccoli Pasta

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Rich in vitamins and minerals, the key ingredients of this dish will never fail to surprise your taste buds and tummy too!

8. Walnut Falafel and Quick Pickled Radish Buddha Bowl

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The tasteful amalgamation of 14 ingredients diligently plated with fresh baby lettuce, pickled radish and flat bread is a sinful delight.

9. Peppery Mushroom with Brown Rice and Bacon

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How about some extra dose of healthy brown rice along with the goodness of mushrooms seasoned with black pepper and chilli flakes?

10. Creamy Leftover Chicken Surprise

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Go by the name, and surprise your taste buds with the leftover chicken preparation creatively amalgamated with boiled pasta macaroni.

11. Chorizo Pot Pie

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This scrumptious pie is packed with flavours of garlic, cheddar cheese and spinach. Relish it first, thank us later!

12. Pottage

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Made in 5 simple steps, this English dish is traditionally called ‘A mess of Pottage’. To enhance the flavours, you can serve this one-pot meal with flat bread and cold meat.

13. Chicken Biryani

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Nothing can beat the magic of Indian spices, gently blended with fresh chicken pieces and then slow-cooked with fragrant rice. Isn’t it totally delectable?