10 koftas that are so delicious would want to try them now!

1. Delicious kofta recipes!

Delicious kofta recipes!

Koftas trace their origin to the cooking experiments of the middle ages when these balls of delight were invented to pamper the taste buds of the regal gentry. Since then, the journey of koftas has seen creative meanders resulting in delectable outputs. Here is a list of koftas that make our cuisine among the best in the world.

2. ​Paneer Kofta

​Paneer Kofta

Paneer Kofta Recipe: Kofta balls made from grated paneer, red chilli powder and coriander leaves, cooked in curd and tomato gravy.

3. ​Nargisi Kofta

​Nargisi Kofta

Nargisi Kofta Recipe: A classic Mughlai dish, the koftas here are stuffed and fried eggs which are simmered in a creamy gravy.

4. ​Mutton Kofta

​Mutton Kofta

Mutton Kofta Recipe: Mutton Kofta is a traditional Mughlai recipe, made using minced mutton, yoghurt, gram flour and a melange of spices.

5. ​Malai Kofta

​Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta Recipe: Round and crispy koftas made in a flavourful creamy gravy to give you the perfect meal.

6. ​Keema Kofta Curry

​Keema Kofta Curry

Keema Kofta Curry Recipe: Keema Kofta Curry is an indulgent recipe made with mutton keema and lots of aromatic Indian spices.

7. Creamy Pea Kofta

Creamy Pea Kofta

Creamy Pea Kofta Recipe: This creamy delight is loaded with the goodness of peas, gram flour, and heavy cream, and is rich in enticing flavours.

8. Cauliflower Paneer Kofta Curry

Cauliflower Paneer Kofta Curry

Cauliflower Paneer Kofta Curry Recipe: Delicous and creamy restauarnt style kofta, made with cauliflower, potato, paneer, onions, tomatoes, fresh cream, corn flour, butter and a melange of spices.

9. Raw Banana Koftas

Raw Banana Koftas

Raw Banana Koftas Recipe: Made with boiled and spiced raw bananas, they are loaded with flavour and are rich in iron.

10. ​Aloo Kofta Curry

​Aloo Kofta Curry

Aloo Kofta Curry Recipe: Aloo Kofta Curry is made with mashed potato balls that are simmered in a spicy gravy.

11. Ghiya Kofta

Ghiya Kofta

Ghiya Kofta Recipe: This mouth-watering recipe is prepared with bottle gourd pieces, gram flour, ginger garlic paste and tomato puree.