10 foods that remind us of our happiest childhood moments

1. Trip down the memory lane

Trip down the memory lane

Food forms an important part of our memories. Sometimes even the smallest things like an old idiom, a conversation about a childhood friend, or relishing grandma’s recipe after years can bring back a lot of memories. There are some foods that are attached to a specific memory and tasting them after years can stir a plethora of emotions. Foods have always been the delighting factor in an otherwise monotonous life. Whether it is the time of festivals or an announcement of a big fat Indian wedding, food always turns up to be the most important and loved part of the occasion. Here is a list of some dishes that stir up warm memories-

2. Badam Halwa

Badam Halwa

Recall the examination time when almonds suddenly became very important as they are traditionally believed to make memories sharper. And mom took extra pain to make ‘Badam ka Halwa’ making the boring almonds so delicious! They were perhaps the only motivation when watching TV or playing with friends was a complete no no.

3. Tahri


Back in the days, every family picnic was incomplete without a casserole of delicious homemade Tahri. The melange of Indian spices cooked to perfection and served with papad and pickle used to be the highlight of a family picnic.

4. Bhutta


Relishing bhutta (corn) at a roadside stall on a rainy afternoon bring back the memories of school days. The roasted bhutta garnished with chaat masala and lemon juice was the best snack over long gossips about teachers or a debate about the last football game.

5. Glucose Biscuit and Tea

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Glucose biscuit and tea should be declared the national snack of India. As kids when we were not fond of tea, we used to ask for it so that we could dunk our biscuit and relish its delicious taste.

6. Sweet Cigarettes

Sweet Cigarettes

Even before ‘swag’ was in fashion, sweet cigarettes for kids were the synonym for this word. Imitating our favourite Bollywood stars by these sweet cigarettes and then enjoying its candy-like taste are among the best childhood memories.

7. Orange Bar

Orange Bar

This was once the best relief from the scorching heat when a game of cricket got over or when dad decided to reward us after solving mathematics problem on Sundays. That ice cream vendor’s bells still ring in our memories.

8. Barf ka Gola

Barf ka Gola

From mango to kala khatta, slurping the ‘barf ka gola’ with your siblings and cousins is one of the best memories of childhood. Even today when we see a barf ka gola shop, the kid inside us can’t resist the flavourful ‘barf ka gola’ on a sweltering day.

9. Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

The pink cotton candy used to light up our mood whenever we spot it in a fare or on the street market.

10. Jellies


Whenever we used to go out for grocery shopping with our parents, jelly always came along in the bag. This sweet delicacy was a forever favourite and trying every flavour was mandatory.

11. Kulfi


Kulfi was the perfect break while we were busy being tortured by homework. As soon as we heard the ‘kulfi wala’ ringing the bell from far, there was a sigh of relief. We use to run towards the kulfi wala and he used to carefully open the box and take out the frozen kulfi from the mould. This stick of joy was priceless!