A ‘Yes’ Mentality Turned Yes to Into a Top Beauty Brand

Joy Chen is the CEO for Yes to, Inc., which specializes in Natural Skincare based in San Francisco, & has 30 employees. In less than 3 years, she has transformed the business into a fast-growing beauty industry leader sold in thousands of retailers in the US and abroad.

Chen’s strategy was to redefine the company’s go-to-market strategy to reposition Yes To Carrots to Yes to Inc. This initiative allowed the company to expand the product line to include a full spectrum of skincare and hair care products. Chen oversaw packaging re-design that features vibrant colors previously unseen in the segment.

Chen’s innovative strategy have led to annual revenue quadrupling to $50 million-plus. Under Chen’s leadership, company value has increased five times with healthy EBITDA margins. Yes To Inc. is now the No. 2 natural personal care brand and No. 1 natural facial brand in the United States.LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/joy-chen/12/2b2/306